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Did you know the Average Londoner spends £700-900 on take-out?

Research by Izettle shows that Londoners spends up to £900/yr on food. With us, its either £2/meal or £24.99 per year.

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Starter Plan
24.99 per year
13 free meals per year 3 free deliveries/yr Less than £2 per meal: £24.99/13 meals Begin your endless food journey
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89.99 per year
45 free meals per year 45 free deliveries/yr Less than £2 per meal: £89.99/45 meals Free Monthly Pizza
Infinity Plan
194.99 per year
95 free meals per year 95 free deliveries/yr Access all Menus & Cuisines:£2.05/meal Personal Chef + Food Nutrionist